Sea Shanty Town

Nautical Treasury

The Collection


Sea Shanty Town is a museum of nautical artefacts curated by artist and broadcaster, Graeme Walker. Predominantly a ethnographic collection comprising articles from the 18th - 20th centuries, Sea Shanty Town's breadth also includes items from both contemporary times as well as the depths of antiquity. Largely ephemeral in nature, the collection includes photographs, meterological artefacts, geology, geography, geomancy, geophilia, newspaper clippings, objects, artworks, flotsam, jetsam, flim-flam, biffle, maps, documents, music (including audio), pebbles and all manner of beach worn, beach washed, round, smooth detritus.

Questions regarding the collection should be addressed to:

Gardeners Cottage, Bramdean House, Petersfield Road, SO240JU